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We will tell you stories from around the world that will no doubt surprise you. It took four mr play casino who won came to collect their best gaming. The biggest jackpot in the history of the country lay unclaimed for such a long time only because its owners forgot to check their ticket. The lucky ones turned out to be one secured married couple. According to them, they regularly participated in the lottery, but the tickets were checked every four to mr play casino. In view of the fact that they do not need anything without a bonus, they will leave this mr play casino to their children, so that they never need anything in their lives.

After such a grandiose victory, the ministry of finance of mr play casino increased the chances of success in the lottery, but set the maximum amount of the first prize shekels. Restrictions are due to the fact that the country's poor people are too carried away by buying tickets, forgetting about daily needs. Not many heard about the grandiose scandal that erupted in mr play casino several years ago. Enterprising programmer together with friends won apartments in the lottery-auction. The essence of the game was to guess the unique price of the prize, which was set by the organizers.

To do this, it was necessary to send a paid sms. Correctly named the price i got the same housing or a vehicle. However, online mr play casino gaming decided to go the easier way. In his apartment, he created a network, which included online casino mobile phones and 20 computers, and set up on each device a special algorithm that independently selects the correct answer. As a result, the mr play casino covered the cunning, but the population of the country flatly refuses to consider him a fraud. Citizens state that this person simply used the ability to earn.

This curious case occurred with a citizen who on an airplane owned by mr play casino. The man pulled out a winning ticket in the lottery, which the airline spends regularly. At first, the mr play casino guy was happy, but after learning that before giving him the prize, the head office of the company should check all the data, the winner fell into an indescribable rage. He began to demand here and now, but after receiving a polite refusal, the mr play casino just grabbed the ticket.

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