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Casino Jackpot

The word jackpot is certainly not completely foreign to you. This simply means the highest win that you can win on various casino games, usually so-called slot machines. We will now go through some things that are good to know about. Among other things, you should know that there are two different types of jackpots. We go through these two different types of types and then we also tell you how you give yourself more opportunities to be able to win at different casino games that can give you the top win. Every day, a person in the world becomes a millionaire with a simple mouse click because he or she went into a online casino and played a game that had it as one of the game functions or the entire slot machine in question was a so called jackpot game. It is important to be able to distinguish between a win that is fixed and one that is progressive. Otherwise, you risk playing with unrealistic expectations and hopes during your play. After reading this article, you will be able to confidently choose the online casino game that gives you the kind of max win that interests you the most.

Two different jackpot variants to choose from

As I said, these are divided into two different types of jackpots. On the one hand we have fasting and on the other hand we have progressive. The words fixed and progressive, respectively, reveal how they work. It is also the latter, the progressive jackpot, that is most interesting to learn more about, so we will spend the most time on the n. Once you understand the differences between these, you will be able to choose the casino game that suits you. What you can live with during your play.

Fixed jackpots

The first is called fixed jackpots and as the name suggests, the winnings are fixed, i.e., predetermined in advance. For example, some slot machines can have a fixed maximum win of 500 or several thousand kronor, depending on which game you play. An important thing to know about those with fixed max wins is that it is very often easier to win than one with a progressive max win. So, if you want to win a smaller amount of money but more often, you should definitely play on slots that offer a fixed maximum win as one of their game features.

Progressive Jackpots

The other type that exists has a progressive max win. The first word can be understood as growing which means that as long as no one wins this maximum win, it will continue to grow until someone finally wins it. Depending on which progressive jackpot you play on, it can be different sizes and be able to grow differently. For example, it can be individual and progressive, which means that the casino game is not linked to any other casino games that could make the jackpot grow faster. It can only grow as long as a person plays on it. It can also be in house progressive, which means that several slot machines are linked to one and the same fat top win that any lucky player can win. In physical casinos, for example, several slot machines with this gaming function can be connected so that several people can make the maximum winnings grow while they play, but only one of them can win it. A third variant of progressive top winnings that is most common at online casinos.

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