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The term slot means coin box. That's a box where you put in a coin to play a number of rounds. Slot games were from the beginning the name of the kind of game, also known as slot machines and still in many parts of the world. Over the past ten years, slots have exploded in popularity online. Today you can play slots from their mobile or tablet as long as you have an internet connection. Even if the games you share in front of the computer or on the mobile are missing a physical coin, they will then be under the same name as their predecessors.

All games have their special theme and special features. Thus, it is not easy to describe how it is possible to play slots because they are so different. This is especially true today, as improved technology, greater competition and current trends among software developers mean that the games become more advanced. Certain types of slot games begin to resemble regular computer games with bonus features where new screen monitors are taken and perform various tasks in their pursuit of big winnings. Slots are no longer just about the tension that comes from the winning chances, but they are also very fun to play.

A game round in a slot game begins by making money. You can decide on how many coins to bet and also what a coin should be worth. The screen consists of rolls of symbols that you want to get in special combinations. These combinations can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal. You have many chances of winning a winning combination. You only win if you have made money in advance on the line or line where the winning combination appears on the screen. When you bet, just press a button to make the screen get alive in the shape of the spinning wheels.

In slot games, things that do not belong to the vanities can happen. For example, you are able to activate free spins. Any winnings on the various winning lines will be reconciled when the wheels have stopped spinning and luckily, the balance of the casino account increases. Often, you can make different settings that change how a game run looks. For example, you can choose autospin, which means that the game is in progress during a certain number of rounds, without having to change your bet or start each spin. You can also influence how fast the wheels spin and of course choose the volume you want background music and sound effects.

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