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Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is a game played with a deck of 52 cards; one to six decks can be played at a time, depending on the casino, and its rules. The idea is that the player is competing for 21 without going over or busting against the dealer. Each of them gets two cards, the first card to show both their original stance, the dealer gets the second card last to decide the final results. In one deck games the cards are dealt face down, and more are dealt face up. Cards are worth their face value, King, Queen, and Jacks are worth 10 and Aces are either one or eleven, at the players choosing.

If the player goes over 21, he loses his bet. If a dealer goes over 21, and the player is under, they win the money. If there is a tie, or a push, meaning no money is won or lost. Any amount at an exact 21 equals a blackjack. The paid odds are 3-2, if the dealer doesn't have a blackjack, in which case it's a tie, and nothing is won or lost. Blackjack can also be found at Australia online casino sites which offers good bonuses as well.

Blackjack Advanced Tips

If a player has more than 16, he should stay. He can't win unless the dealer busts. Stand despite what cards the dealers gets. Never double down here. You can sometimes ask for insurance, to ensure yourself in case the dealer wins. You will be asked if you would like to take insurance by the dealer upon the flip over of his first card.

Always double Aces or Eights. Always play good paying tables, and play. Pay attention to what you have, count your cards. You can better count cards on one -deck hands, but its no guarantee to win. Manage your money well, never bet high or double on hands that aren't a sure win. Be your own accountant. Know when to hold, and fold.

Insurance: In the chance that after the first card of the dealer is turned over, and chances are he will win. The player has the chance to pay 50% of his bet more, to ensure him getting his money back. If the dealer wins the player will get his money back. If the dealers loses then the money is also lost.

Hitting: When a number is low a hit means asking for another card. A dealer will ask for a card at 17 or less, that doesn't mean the player should. Decide what your odds are, and decide if a hit is beneficial to you, with a win. Pointing at your cards with your index finger indicates you want a hit, even when you don't say it.

Standing: This mean you are happy with you hand, and don't want to change it at all. Wave your hand over your cards to indicate, you don't want any more, this is considered a stand, a non-verbal command as well.

Doubling Down: The term means doubling your wager and getting an additional card when feel you can beat the dealer.

Splitting Pairs: If your first two cards are identical pairs, you can choose to split them, and play two hands, for better odds. After the first card hit to your first card, you may choice any of the above choices, including a split if need be. After the results of the first card, the dealers will move on to your next card. The same procedure will be taken. If there are two aces, only one card hits will be allowed for each one. The same rules do not apply to aces, as their value is more automatically.

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