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What’s The Point of Shopping for Odds?

Punters that find themselves not shopping around usually end up doing themselves a great disservice over time. This is because the odds that they are accepting, if not vetted and checked properly, are likely earning them less and costing them more to wager.

If punters take the time to shop around they can often find some better odds on the events that they are looking to place a wager on. This is because not all bookies value the same events the same or some bookies may have more information about a game or match than the general public does not.

The main point is to save money where possible and to make great earnings back from superior odds where possible.

How is Shopping Around Done?

There is not need to ear out the soles of your shoes trudging around town all morning (although you are welcome to take this more conventional approach, especially if you fancy a bit of exercise) but instead are able to login to an internet page and see what offers are available.

This is possible as some providers collate data from multiple sources and then display it for their members to see what kind of odds they can expect to find. This is sometimes free and sometimes members will need to pay a monthly fee for the privilege.

There are other alternatives such as hunting for results in forums and search engines, although generally speaking, punters will find that the more established sites will be able to offer better odds.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Another advantage of adopting a more cautious stance is that sometimes an online betting sites odds might be a little too good to be true, either in error or through a miscalculation. There is usually very little time to act as the odds can be changed back at any time. If you are able to keep a decent sum of liquidity around for you to capitalise on such situations then you are likely to do very well for yourself.

Sometimes players are withdrawn or big changes take place unexpectedly prior to a big game, so keeping an eye on odds across multiple bookies is a smart economical choice. The last 60 minutes prior to a match kick off can see some really funny odds changes flashing past, these are sometimes caused by bigger syndicates who wait until this late stage before pushing through all of their transactions.

If you have access to live data streams and have great concentration then you too may be able to monitor this data as the beginning of a match creeps up on you.


So while it may be inconvenient to sink too much time into shopping around for better odds, it is almost always worth the effort. If outsourcing is more your style then remember that there are specialised services that will offer you great service and free up your day.

Always remember to apply logic and level headedness to your transactions and research and above all else, have fun!

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